Thoughts on weddings by age

I’ve never been one to blather on about fairy tale love or buy into the stuff they put in chick flicks. “The Notebook” is one of my least favorite movies of all time. I’m not a bitter old woman, and I don’t think my prospects of someday finding love are zero. I just think it’s annoying, uninteresting, and frankly a bit uncomfortable to talk about love, weddings, or the like.

That said, the other day, I was watching “Bride Wars.” It’s an average rom com where Anne Hathaway & Kate Hudson are best friends who dream of their weddings essentially from birth. (Or first grade, whatever. It’s insanely young.) I was never like that. Ever.

…Any girl who says this is lying, at least a little bit. Out of nowhere, I came up with a list of  things I used to say I wanted at my wedding. None of the things are love-related. They’re all tiny, silly things I at one point loved so much that I wanted to have them “at my wedding.” This was a testament to how much I liked them. I also had qualifications for my wedding- just things that were important to me.

* I wanted a wedding cake frosted with the filling from Fudge Rounds. This changed to Oreos at one point, too.

(Age 10, when I was REALLY into Fudge Rounds…)

*I wanted to make sure that the boy I married was a Christian. I remember dreading the awkward moment when he asked, “Will you marry me?” and I had to first clarify, “Well…are you a Christian?”

(Early elementary school, maybe second grade. Apparently I did not think I would know this about a man before he proposed.)

*I wanted to use dried petals from my dance recital bouquets for the flower girls.

(Age 11-14. For this purpose, I’d hang and dry all of the flowers I received. I still have the first bag of rose petals that I saved. I am now in the habit of drying bouquets, but I no longer have this dream.)

*I wanted all of my bridesmaids to have a different kind of animal print dress, and I wanted a zebra sash.

(High school… oy vey.)

*I wanted “Everybody Dance Now” to play as my recession music.

(Early College…and sort of still right now. Because how boring is the regular tune?!)

I don’t sit around and make plans for a dream wedding that is faaaaaaar in the distant future. In fact, i mostly just make plans about what I am going to wear to other people’s weddings. But these were fun memories. I guess I proved myself wrong. I have dreamed about my wedding… the TINIEST bit.

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2 thoughts on “Thoughts on weddings by age

  1. hdwarner says:

    Haha – loved this, I like that the scale of how much you like something is based on if it would be at your wedding! I do the same!

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