NYE 2015 Jingle

I recorded this commercial jingle to promote the New Years Eve Cochran Comedy show. It aired on WGN Radio from November until New Years. Recorded at Hard Times Productions in Wauconda, IL.


Journaling in Love (Excerpt)

All of the greats instruct inspiring writers to do the same thing: write every day. Each Christmas, my dad gives me a new journal in hopes to encourage me to do just that. Another thing many aspiring writers know is that writing can sometimes feel like a chore. The best times in our lives are when we feel inspired to write. Sometimes it comes from big events…and sometimes it comes from love.

From the first day we hung out late into the night–making music and talking about life’s mysteries– I felt a huge wave of inspiration to write again. It came with almost an urgency; I wanted to record every little thing that happened when I was with him. I went with it. Writing is writing, right? (Say that three times fast.)

Sketchy Suburbia – C@tfish Cutting Room Floor – Episode 1

Sketchy Suburbia is a new video project I am working on with Jessica Staedter. If you’re familiar with the show “Catfish” on MTV, we hope you’ll appreciate our spoofs of Nev and some doe-eyed internet lovers.

25 Habits You Should Have Broken by Age 25

This is from one of the shows I produce on WGN, “Girls Night Out with Hannah Stanley.” We had an open segment near the end of one of our recent shows, and Hannah decided that I should take this quiz. It’s not hard-hitting radio, but it sure was fun!

Thoughts on the Power of Music

It’s crazy how music can conjure up emotions, moods, memories we haven’t even made. A true musician can pick up an instrument and take the listener on a trip to somewhere she’s never been, yet seems so familiar. Music can invoke the strongest deja-vu. Something so powerful must be used wisely, similar to pen and paper or any other art.

Listening to him play music, explore a guitar on such an in-depth level–and sounding so beautiful– is really inspiring. When I’m with him, surrounded by his dedication, or even when he sneaks through my mind as a fleeting thought, I am inspired. I want to be working on a song, practicing instruments, creating art: lettering, painting, the art of words.

Heart Wide Open – DEMO

Another love song, another simple ukulele demo. I can’t wait to start layering this, adding more instrumentation and the little sparkly details all great songs have. It feels nice to have an endless amount of inspiration for love songs. Lyrics below!
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Forever Partner in Crime – DEMO

This is a new song I’ve been playing around with. New love brings so much inspiration; I’ve been writing love songs on my ukulele like none other. Very She & Him / Ingrid Michaelson inspired. Lyrics below!

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“Want You Back” Apuli Brothers on WGN

I was able to produce and live mix the audio as The Apuli Brothers played songs for us on Girls Night Out with Hannah Stanley. It sounds amazing…and I’ve gotta admit, they could sound amazing produced by a monkey. But I am still proud of this recording.:)

Baby Wipes

A little experiment with speed, fast forward, and reverse. Also an experiment on Ayvenn’s behalf, trying to figure out how many wipes he can snag before I stop giggling and tell him to stop.


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